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September 24, 2008 Russia signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. For further progress towards ratification and implementation of the Convention, we should modernize the national policies and national legislation.
About the fund
The disability overcoming refers to the number of mankind large-scale social problems. There are nearly 14 million people with disabilities, with about 550.000 kids in our country in 2010.
The civil, cultural, economic, political, cultural rights of disabled providing- is one of the state priority task. In September, 24, Russian Federation signed “The Disabilities Rights UN Convention”. For further progress towards ratification and implementation of the Convention, we must modernize the state policy and legislation. It’s necessary to consolidate the socio-oriented disability model definitively. Our society must be imbued with the fundamentally new ideology, that distinguishes the disabilities in separated group, based not on the health constrains, but on the disabilities interaction with variety of barriers and obstacles, that hinder their full-fledged participation in the state life on equal basis.
Exact this civil position formed the base for this Fund establishment decision. The Foundation’ activity attracts the government, business and society attention on the disabilities’ problems. We create constructive and pragmatic dialogue between politicians, government representatives, business, public, experts’ communities, the disabilities themselves, and all concerned people. The Fund’s work is focused on the specific programs and projects realization, bent on barriers, which prevent the disabilities social integration, liquidation.
We think that the Fund’s activity results will contribute for our country development. We are confident that the universal design and reasonable accommodation tools introduction would significantly increase the disables persons contribution in the growing prosperity of our country and accelerate the state advancement towards creating the equal opportunities society.

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