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The Cooperation

The Fund for the promotion “The Disabilities Rights Convention” – “ The Accessible Environment and universal design" – is the Russian non-commercial, socially oriented organization.
•We make arrangements and provide the following services:

analytical, research, development, engineering and design work in the disabilities accessible formation and convenient for all citizens living environment;
•The industrial objects inspection and the study of public opinion study in order to identify and resolve the barriers and obstacles for the disabled and low mobile populations;
•Creation and maintenance of databases, portals, other electronic information and reference tools for the barrier-free living environment formation,
•participate in the legal, regulatory, technical and other regulatory documents development for the formation of accessible life environment based on principles of universal design and the reasonable accommodation;
•the examination of programs, design, regulatory, technical and other documentation for forming the accessible for disabilities environment, disabilities rights realization and promotion, as well as on anti-discrimination reason,
• conduction of social audit organizations;
standards and guidelines preparation for the facilities and services accessibility for the disabled;
•the projects and programs development, bent on the liquidation of disabilities discrimination, their quality of life improvement, the creation the conditions for access for the disabled on equal level with other objects of the environment, information and services,
•information, advisory and legal assistance for organizations and individuals about tasks related to disability issues;
•implementation of facilities and services voluntary certification for compliance with accessibility for the disabled;
•organizing and implementing specialist training and development in the disabilities access formation field;
•Preparation and publication of the print, video and other material about the Fund activities;
•holding forums, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, briefings, information campaigns and other activities bent on the facilitating the realization of the Disabilities’ Rights Convention.

We invite You for cooperation!

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