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Our strategic goal the support and assistance provision to the government, business and society for the implementation of the Disabilities Rights UN Convention in Russia through the creation of conditions for the elimination and prevention of all forms of discrimination against people grounded on disability and improve life-quality for people with disabilities.
For the mission execution the Fund solves the following long-term tasks
promotes the disabilities participation on equal basis with other people in all spheres of state, society and business life;
Forms the conditionals for the disabilities opportunity to have independent lifestyle and realize their potential in the civil, political, economic, social, cultural and any other field of human life;Contributes the access for the disabled to services and facilities man-made environment, including the information environment, identification and liquidation, as well as the friendly environment for disabled of social relations and attitudes formation, based on the principles of universal design and reasonable accommodation,
Contributes the opportunities expansion, for the disables right to have the social, medical, educational, fitness, consumer services, comprehensive rehabilitation services and other services to the public,
Participates in creating the quality of life for people with disabilities and families with disabilities conditions improving, through the implementation and promotion of the disabilites’ rights for education and training activities, the disabilities involvement into the workforce and their employment promotion,

Developes and submits to public authorities, public institutions, businesses and the media the suggestions for improvement, development and implementation of state social policy for people with disabilities according to the provisions of the Disabilities Rights UN Convention,

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